‘No Time to Die’: New Images Feature Most of the Supporting Cast!! Check It Out!!

Universal Pictures has release a slew of new images from No Time to Die, the upcoming James Bond film starring Daniel Craig in (reportedly) his last go-round as 007. The upcoming 25th Bond film is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, who makes a special appearance in the new photo set, as well as fellow No Time to Die cast members Léa SeydouxLashana LynchJeffrey WrightNaomie HarrisRory Kinnear, and Ramy Malek.

There are some interesting moments featured in this new group of No Time to Die images (via Entertainment Weekly). We get still shots of key scenes from the first trailer which was recently released, including Bond (Craig) and Madeleine Swann’s (Seydoux) harrowing car chase through an old European city. There’s also a very cool-looking image of Bond and Felix Leiter (Wright) in a Jamaican club, where they’re practically enveloped in neon blue and green strobe lights as they carry on with their confidential conversation. Lynch also looks supremely killer as Nomi, the next 007 who offers some back-up to Bond as he chases Malek’s techno-terrorist character Safin. Speaking of Malek, he appears in one of the photos, too, having a quiet conversation on set with Fukunaga in between scenes. Unfortunately, neither Ana de Armas, playing new Bond girl Paloma, nor Christoph Waltz, who will return as Blofeld, show up in the new images.

No Time to Die arrives in theaters on April 10. Check out all of the exciting new images below and be sure to watch the exciting first trailer, too.


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


Image via EW and Nicola Dove/MGM


via Collider

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