‘Under the Skin’: Rights Bidding War Could Lead to a TV Series!!

Could we really get an Under the Skin television series in the near future? It’s been a minute since director Jonathan Glazer‘s unsettling story of an alien in human form — the form of Scarlett Johansson, to be exact — preying on Scotsmen debuted in theaters. Since then, Glazer has kept a relatively low profile and, for fans of his, it’s high time we saw more of Glazer’s chilling vision on any screen of any size. Under the Skin could be a big creative step for Glazer and one that could pay off considering how adaptable the film’s plot is when it comes to formatting for TV.

Thanks to a Deadline report, the TV rights to Under the Skin are the subject of a bidding war between two parties involved with the original feature film: A24, a longtime creative partner of Glazer’s and U.S. theatrical distributor, and Silver Reel, one of Under the Skin‘s original financiers. Silver Reel has reportedly been interested in turning Under the Skin into a TV series for some time. A24 has, comparatively, only gotten interested more recently per Deadline’s report. A24 is also currently working with Glazer and producer James Wilson (Silver Reel is not involved, for what it’s worth) on a new feature film set during the Holocaust. It remains unclear whether this current working relationship will sweeten the A24’s odds of securing the TV rights.

While Glazer and Wilson are apparently interested in getting a TV series off the ground, their feature film is the primary focus at time of reporting. Once the bidding war between A24 and Silver Reel is settled, the creative duo’s level of involvement in the project – should it end up going forward for real — will be decided at that time. Per Deadline, this entire saga for one party to secure the TV rights has been ongoing since June 2017, when Glazer and Wilson were approached by a U.S. agent and began discussions with Silver Reel CEO Claudia Bluemhuber. A decision on which party will get the rights should be made and announced in the coming weeks.


via Collider

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