‘Snake Eyes’: First Image Gives a Look the Enigmatic Ninja!! Check It Out!!

Henry Golding celebrated his birthday today by releasing the first image from his upcoming movie Snake Eyes. Directed by Robert Schwentke (R.I.P.D.), the film follows Snake Eyes (Golding) seeking revenge for his father’s death by joining a ninja clan, and in the process finding acceptance. Golding is joined in the cast by Andrew KojiSamara WeavingÚrsula Corberó,Haruka AbeIko Uwais, and Takehiro Hira.

Obviously, this image doesn’t really tell us much more about the film, but the film is speeding towards its release date. The film will be in theaters in October, which means we’ll probably see the first trailer around the beginning of summer.

The question will be how well this franchise can perform if it’s just a spinoff. Yes, Snake Eyes is a popular character, but the G.I. Joe film franchise has never gathered much steam. The first film made $302 million worldwide and then they basically did a reboot that cast Dwayne Johnson in the lead, did a 3D post-conversion that delayed the release, and still only came up with a film that made $375 million worldwide. I’d be curious to see what kind of expectations Paramount has for Snake Eyes and if just scaling down and focusing on one character may be the best way forward for the series.

At the very least, Snake Eyes will hopefully be a good showcase for Golding, who has proved himself to be a delightful leading man in rom-coms like Crazy Rich Asians and Last Christmas, and I’m eager to see what he does in an action film like this one. And hey, if he proves his action chops here, I hear that EON is on the lookout for a new guy to play Bond…

Check out the image below. Snake Eyes opens October 23rd.


via Collider

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