‘Little Women’: Greta Gerwig’s Film Crosses $100 Million at the Domestic BO!!

While the film has been undervalued this awards season, Greta Gerwig’s radical adaptation of Little Women is a bona fide box office hit. The Sony Pictures film crossed the $100 million domestic mark at the box office on Thursday, scoring a solid win after opening in theaters on Christmas Day. The film had legs and no doubt word-of-mouth helped propel it to this particular benchmark, as Gerwig’s adaptation of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel puts an emotional, brilliant twist on the source material that marries Alcott’s real life with her characters.

The Sony adaptation cost $40 million to produce before marketing and is expected to be nicely profitable for the studio, having now amassed $165 million worldwide. It’s up for six Oscars in total on Sunday, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for Gerwig as well as Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan) and Supporting Actress (Florence Pugh), but Gerwig was notably shut out of the Best Director race.

No matter, between this and Lady Bird Gerwig has solidified herself as one of the best directors working today, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what she puts together next. The profitability of Little Women, not to mention its critical acclaim, will hopefully afford her some flexibility and bargaining power in choosing her next directorial project.

As for the box office of the rest of the Best Picture nominees this year, we obviously don’t have tallies for Netflix’s Marriage Story or The Irishman, but here’s how the domestic totals of each film stack up—understanding that some will definitely get a boost after Sunday.

Joker – $335,039,764

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – $142,112,493

1917 – $121,458,369

Ford v Ferrari – $115,510,945

Little Women – $100,000,000

Parasite – $33,229,324

Jojo Rabbit – $28,378,300


via Collider

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