‘Westworld’ Season 3 Gets A New Unique Poster!! Check It Out!!

Determinism is so hot right now, and March is shaping up to be quite a mind-melter. Alex Garland‘s philosophical sci-fi freakout Devs is heading to FX on Hulu and HBO’s hit sci-fi series Westworld is returning for Season 3. The cable service has just debuted a new poster for their returning hit, and it promises another deep dive into the matters of free will vs. determinism, coding vs. human nature, and all that light ‘n breezy type of stuff.

“Free Will Is Not Free” reads the poster for Season 3, which premieres on HBO on March 15. Pretty much straight to the point, and right on-brand considering Westworld‘s consistent fascination with matters from free will, from the very concept of robots who believe they’re human to the big Bernard reveal, James Delos’ horrific fate, all that massacrin’ Dolores gets up to, the big escape from the park, and that Season 2 finale tag with the Man in Black. (And right about now is when I realize how many details I need to refresh my memory on before that S3 premiere next month.)

Regarding those last two points, “Free will is not free” certainly promises as a rocky road ahead for Evan Rachel Wood‘s leader of the robotic uprising and her fellow escaped hosts, who made their way out of the park and into the real world at the end of the last season. In theory that should mean they’re finally free from their little loops, but with Dolores, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), and whoever’s consciousness is hiding inside the new Hale-bot (Tessa Thompson) unleashed on the mainland, the imagery below certainly teases a rough foad ahead.

But what this really reminds me of is where we last saw Ed Harris‘ Man in Black in that S3 finale tag, which found the White Hat-turned-Psychopath wandering into a dusty, run-down tech-industrial complex (those buildings in the background of the poster look pretty busted up.) where he realized that he was being tested for “fidelity,” aka, he was now a host. Or this new poster could deadass just be continuing the tech-meets-desert aesthetic. Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have said that the new Season will be “less of a guessing game,” but I can definitely already feel the thrall of that Westworld brand code-breaking, philosophizing, and theorizing. God help me (and Reddit).

Check out the new poster below.


via Collider

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