‘Killing Eve’ Season 3: First Images Has Clowns Joins the Parade!! Check It Out!!

BBC America and AMC have revealed the first images from Season 3 of Killing Eve, and to be quite honest, there are 100% more clowns than any of us probably anticipated. The images, published by Entertainment Weekly, tease some of what to expect when the show returns April 26, including most notably the fact that Eve (Sandra Oh) is definitely not dead. Although that’s probably no real surprise to anyone.

Season 2 ended with Villanelle (Jodie Comer) shooting Eve in the back in Rome after the MI6 agent savagely rebuffed her offer to run away together. Season 3 picks up six months later, with Villanelle in Barcelona trying to establish some order in her crazy international assassin life. It’s unclear where exactly Eve wound up, but she’s definitely having a conversation with her old boss Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) in one of the images, so it might not be out of the question to think she’s back on the job. Or at least thinking about being back on the job. Eve is also working in a kitchen in another image, slicing up a big hunk of meat, so maybe she’s undercover. It’s also entirely possible that she’s changed careers to something less dangerous. Getting shot in the back will do that to you.

Of course, all of this is avoiding the giant grease-painted elephant in the room, which is the image of Villanelle in a full-blown clown suit. “She is trying to find her own way and be in charge and make her own rules,” Comer said of the clown business, “and she finds herself having to prove that she’s ready and she’s capable. It just so happens this is her disguise this time.” Odds are she’s wearing the outfit to get close to somebody for the purposes of murdering them, but who on earth is the guy with her? According to EW, his name is Felix (played by Stefan Iancu), and that’s absolutely all we know at this point. It is truly impossible to guess where the show is going to go this season, but judging by these images, it will be exciting to watch it happen.

Check out the images below. Season 3 of Killing Eve premieres April 26 on BBC America and AMC.


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


Image via BBC America


via Collider

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