‘Castlevania’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals the Bloody Animated Series!! Check It Out!!

Netflix just dropped the trailer for Season 3 of Castlevania, the gruesome animated horror fantasy series based on the popular video game franchise, and the first thing you need to know is that Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) whips a minotaur directly in the skull. Just straight domes it.

The trailer was shared in a tweet from NXOnNetflix, the streaming giant’s geek culture account, which is one of the most appropriate sentences I’ve ever written. The ten episode season hits Netflix on Thursday, March 5.

Minor spoilers ahead if you aren’t caught up on Castlevania, but it looks like Season 3 is going to pick up right where Season 2 ended – with Dracula super dead, Alucard living in Dracula’s castle, and Sypha and Trevor wandering the countryside slaying the bejesus out of monsters. Meanwhile, Carmilla and Isaac look like they’re going to be moving in to take Dracula’s place as the big bads. And of course there’s tons of over-the-top anime action and gore.

I’m a big fan of Castlevania, and the new season looks like even more of what made the first two so enjoyable, which means more of the delightfully grizzled Trevor grumbling his way through gonzo fantasy horror. Also, there are rumors that the show might intersect with the upcoming Devil May Cry series from Castlevania executive producer Adi Shankar to create a shared universe, and we may see some of those seeds start to get planted in Season 3. You can check out the trailer below and join me in counting the days until March 5 rolls around for some dope vampire hunting.


via Collider

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