HBO Max Teaser Trailer Previews What’s Included!! Check It Out!!

With only a few months before it arrives, the first HBO Max teaser trailer was released online today. The new streaming service hails from WarnerMedia, and despite its title, will include far more than HBO series.

Indeed, HBO Max was chosen as the name for the new streaming service given the integrity and wide-recognition of the HBO brand, but in truth HBO Max is a streaming service for WarnerMedia’s catalogue of titles as well as HBO shows, given that HBO is owned by WarnerMedia.

The teaser is relatively short but to the point: they’ve got the exclusive streaming rights to Friends and The Big Bang Theory and South Park, as well as iconic HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Euphoria. This is also where you’ll find a ton of Warner Bros. titles like Batman Begins, Wonder Woman, Crazy Rich Asians, The Matrix, and Joker, and they recently secured US streaming rights to all the Studio Ghibili films.

It remains to be seen exactly how robust the HBO Max library will be in terms of quality, but it will launch with 10,000 hours of “curated premium content” that includes the entire HBO service. Other TV shows heading to HBO Max include Rick and Morty, The O.C., and The West Wing, and it was recently announced that they’ve created a new production arm to create original films that can debut exclusively on the streaming service.

Check out the HBO Max teaser below. The streaming service launches in May 2020 and will be available to US customers for $14.99 a month.

via Collider

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