‘Werewolves Within’: ‘Scare Me’ Director Adapting the Ubisoft Game!!

Following the Sundance World Premiere of his horror-comedy Scare Me, which Meagan Navarro reviewed and called “imaginative and cozy”, Josh Ruben will next direct Werewolves Within, says Deadline.

Sam Richardson and Michael Chernus have joined the cast of the horror-comedy, based on Ubisoft’s virtual reality video game, set in a fictitious medieval town where a werewolf is attacking the townspeople, and players must guess who among them is the werewolf in disguise.

In the film, “Shenanigans ensue when a massive blizzard isolates a small Vermont town, causing simmering resentments to boil over as the oddball townspeople are one by one picked off by a mysterious creature.

Chernus will play Pete, says the site, who is married to Trish but does not share her beliefs as staunchly. He considers himself a charmer, but just comes off as an overly friendly sleaze who can get a bit handsy especially after a glass of merlot.

The film was adapted by screenwriter and author Mishna Wolff.


via Bloody Disgusting

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