‘The Curse’: The Safdie Brothers and Nathan Fielder Teaming Up for Showtime Pilot!!

With films like Uncut Gems and Good Time, the Safdie Brothers — Benny and Josh — have crafted a relentless tone of propulsive cinematic anxiety. With his magnum opus Comedy Central series Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder made us all cringe and feel copious amounts of anxious empathy for the real folks he convinced into doing terrible things. Now, Deadline reports that these three folks — the Safdies and Fielder — are teaming up for a Showtime pilot called The Curse. And I’m a bit concerned that it’s going to be, oh I dunno, the most anxiety-inducing piece of content ever made?!

The Curse will star Fielder as a husband at the center of a show-within-the-show “Flipanthropy,” an HGTV-styled reality show where a married couple helps homeowners flip their houses. But when one property seems to instill a curse on the couple (the wife of whom has yet to be cast), their marriage is put to the test. Benny Safdie will play the producer of “Flipanthropy,” and he, Josh Safdie, and Fielder will executive produce the pilot.

The Safdies’ Uncut Gems earned Independent Spirit Awards for the brothers and star Adam Sandler — that particular trio has since released a delightful short film about street performers in New York. Fielder’s Nathan For You is a WGA-award winning show, and he has since directed on Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Showtime series Who Is America?, earning Emmy and DGA nominations for that. I’m not gonna lie — I love all three of these folks’ individual works, and the thought of them collaborating on one project makes my nerves feel simultaneously excited and terrified. Will their particular forms of anxious media make some sort of Captain Planet-esque show? Or will the vibes not quite gel? I can’t wait to find out.


via Collider

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