‘Doc Savage’: Now a TV Series is in Development!!

While the past few years have seen a big-screen Doc Savage outing spinning its wheels in developmental hell, now comes news that the famed Man of Bronze is heading to the small screen as well.

Via Deadline, Sony Pictures Television is at work on a Doc Savage TV series. Neal H. Mortiz’s Original Film and Conde Nast Entertainment will be producing the show for Sony.

As alluded to, Dwayne Johnson has been attached to star in a Doc Savage movie for over three years now. Moritz and Sony were working on that picture, with Iron Man 3’s Shane Black due to direct. Now though, it appears that the silver screen Doc Savage project is dead in the water – hence why the character is to instead to get his own TV series.

Doc Savage is somebody who debuted way, way back in 1933 as a creation of Henry W. Ralston, John L. Nanovic and Lester Dent. Savage was trained from birth to be the perfect physical and mental specimen, with him being a master surgeon, scientist, physician, inventor, musician and explorer with superhuman powers and who is a master of many martial arts. So yeah, Doc Savage is basically perfect at every single thing you can imagine.

Expect more on this Doc Savage show as it continues to develop.


via Starburst Magazine

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