‘Lucifer’ Season 6 Inches Closer to Reality!!

Lucifer, objectively TV’s best show about a sexy devil who solves crimes (sorry, Blue Bloods), might have a much longer life than fans expected. The series’ fifth and once-reported “final” season still hasn’t premiered on Netflix—the show’s second on the streaming service after it was cancelled by Fox—but a new report on TVLine suggests a season 6 is likely. Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have closed new deals to stay on for a hypothetical season 6, crossing a crucial Step 1 off the checklist to keeping Lucifer alive.

Unfortunately, there’s a pretty important Step 2 still in the works. Leading man Tom Ellis, who has starred as the title demon since season 1, is still reportedly negotiating a deal with Warner Bros. Television. Optimistically, though, the report notes that “all sides are expecting a positive outcome.”

Lucifer debuted on Fox back in 2016. Based on characters originally created for Vertigo’s Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, the series followed Ellis’ fallen angel after he abandons Hell and improbably becomes a consultant for the LAPD. The critical reception got better with each season but ratings remained a bit stagnant, and Fox canceled the series after three season. Netflix swooped in and renewed Lucifer for a 10-episode fourth season a month later. Season 5 is set to be 16 episodes, separated into two eight-episode chapters.


via Collider

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