‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’: AMC Delays Premiere Date!!!

Sorry, Walking Dead fans, looks like you’re gonna have to wait a little longer to head back to the post-apocalyptic land of deadly zombies and even deadlier humans one Season 10 wraps up. AMC announced on the official Walking Dead Twitter account that the premiere of the upcoming spinoff series The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been delayed indefinitely.

The series was originally scheduled to premiere on April 12, and while no new date has been set, the new key says World Beyond will arrive “later this year”. According to Deadline, the first season of the series had already finished filming, but post-production was still underway on the last few episodes, which has been impacted by the COVID-19 response. Additionally, the report notes that the push may be related to companies pushing their ad spending to later in the year, which would have a major impact on an ad-supported network like AMC.

See the announcement below:

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is the third series in the expanding Walking Dead universe, which also has a Rick Grimes solo movie in the works, in addition to tie-in books among other franchise-building plans. The first trailer for the series dropped last October and promised a more YA-centric take on the world of Walking Dead, with series creator and (and current Walking Dead franchise head) Scott M. Gimple later describing it as a “coming-of-age” quest of sorts.

The series stars Aliyah RoyaleNicolas CantuAnnet MahendruNico Tortorella, and Alexa Mansour as the next generation of survivors, who have had something of a “sheltered” and safe existence in the zombie apocalypse and find themselves venturing out into the thick of it for the first time. That makes them a new type of character in the Walking Dead world — one that’s not unlike the audience going along on the journey with them.

Gimple previously explained,

“[These teenagers] know how horrible the world is out there and they’ve all had trauma, to some extent, because of that knowledge and the things that have happened to the world. But they’re not hardened survivors. They are like characters who have been watching the show for years. Now they’re stepping into that world.”

We’re gonna have to wait a bit longer to see how it goes when they finally step into the world (and how the timeline will tie into the original series), but for now, viewers can look forward to two more episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10.

Here is the official synopsis for The Walking Dead: World Beyond:

The Walking Dead: World Beyond expands the universe of The Walking Dead, delving into a new mythology and story that follows the first generation raised in a surviving civilization of the post-apocalyptic world. Two sisters along with two friends leave a place of safety and comfort to brave dangers, known and unknown, living and undead on an important quest.  Pursued by those who wish to protect them and those who wish to harm them, a tale of growing up and transformation unfurls across dangerous terrain, challenging everything they know about the world, themselves and each other.  Some will become heroes.  Some will become villains.  But all of them will find the truths they seek.  Co-created by Scott M. Gimple and showrunner Matt Negrete, The Walking Dead: World Beyond stars Aliyah Royale, Alexa Mansour, Annet Mahendru, Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston, Nico Tortorella and Julia Ormond. Produced and distributed by AMC Studios, the series is executive produced by Gimple, Negrete, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and Brian Bockrath.


via Collider

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