‘Morbius’ Gets a New Transformation Based Promotional Image!! Check It Out!!

Sony Pictures has released a new promotional poster for the film Morbius, which for the moment that we know continues to maintain its release date of July 31 in the United States, August 7 in the case of Spain. This new poster advances the transformation of Michael Morbius into that bat / vampire-like creature this Spider-Man villain is best known for.

It is a black and white shot of the actor Jared Leto, characterized as Michael, with a part of the face torn that allows checking this other face that is hidden underneath. There we see the blue complexion, the red eyes and the fangs that the villain will wear. Curiously, the poster, from what we see in its upper right corner, is promotional of one of the Comic con, in fact, it is magazine cover promo, possibly before all the massive events were canceled.

This film is the second in Sony PicturesMarvel Cinematic Universe, after Venom, and we already know from the trailer, which will link to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Promotional image of Morbius (2020)


via The Bulletin Time

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