‘Scoob!’: A New International Poster Provides a First Look at Captain Caveman!! Check It Out!!

Upcoming Scooby-Doo reboot Scoob! has released a new international poster showing off the first look at Captain Caveman. The classic cartoon is back with a new CG look set to tell the origin story of the Mystery Inc. gang. Scoob! was slated to release mid-May but has been pulled from the schedule, alongside a number of other films, while studios wait out the coronavirus pandemic that has forced a majority of theaters to close their doors. The film was set to be the third big-screen adventure for the 50-year old cartoon series, and the first since 2004’s live-action version Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

This Scoob! international poster gives a good look at the central cast of characters and includes the first look at Captain Caveman. The poster shows an updated look for the caveman-superhero who was little more than a blob of hair with a cape in the original animation. While details have remained scarce, the Scoob! trailer has revealed several other Hanna-Barbera characters from the same era will feature into the story as well. Along with Captain Caveman and the Mystery Inc. crew, the film will also include the heroic Blue Falcon and his mechanically-enhanced canine sidekick, Dynomutt, as well as the villainous Dick Dastardly.

It remains to be seen whether any other Hanna-Barbera favorites show up when the film eventually releases. We do know the cast is already stacked with a talented voice cast lead by Frank Welker, who voiced Fred in the 1969 original series and has been voicing the role of Scooby-Doo since 2002. Will Forte will be taking on the voice of Shaggy alongside Gina Rodriguez as Velma,  Amanda Seyfried as Daphne, and Zac Efron is the film’s new Fred. Mark Wahlberg will lend his voice to Blue Falcon, Ken Jeong is Dynomutt, Jason Issacs will voice Dick Dastardly, and Tracy Morgan will be providing the voice for Captain Caveman when Scoob! eventually hits theaters.


via Screen Rant

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