‘Some Good News’ Episode 2 Sees the ‘Hamilton’ Cast Reunite!!

Last week, actor/writer/director/charming af human being John Krasinski delighted the world by launching Some Good News, a DIY web show highlighting good news across the globe. Indeed, in these uncertain times, Krasinski (with the help of his kids) put together a little YouTube show that singled out some wonderful feel-good stories, and even included an interview with the subject of one. And the icing on the cake was a delightful interview between Krasinski and Steve Carell about all things The Office, given that last week was the show’s 15th anniversary.

This past Sunday, Krasinski released a new episode, with yet another delightful surprise. The Good News highlighted in Episode 2 has a heavy focus on health care professionals across the globe, and certain manufacturers, companies, and individuals who have upended their lives to create the life-saving equipment and PPE that our health care workers so desperately need.

Krasinski then brought on a young girl who missed her chance to see Hamilton due to the coronavirus shutdown. It turns out she’s a fan of Mary Poppins Returns, so Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt then joined in on the fun to surprise her. That was the least of it though, as their zoom call was interrupted by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda, who then brought in the entire original Broadway cast of Hamilton to sing “Alexander Hamilton.” And it sounds amazing.

The young girl is obviously shocked, and it’s a delight to see this performance play out for an audience of one. Of course now we, the world, get to enjoy this Hamilton reunion, and that’s some very good news indeed.

Keep your eyes peeled—Miranda was able to bring back everyone. You may or may not notice Jonathan Groff just singing as part of the Company in a little zoom box.

Check out the delightful video below. Krasinski ended the video by saying he’ll return next week, so stay tuned for more good news next Sunday.


via Collider

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