‘Stargirl’: New Trailer Focuses on the Injustice Society!! Check It Out!!

A new trailer for DC’s Stargirl has been released, putting more of a spotlight on the threat posed by the villainous Injustice Society. Created by Geoff Johns, the character of Courtney Whitmore made her comic book debut in 1999. After discovering that her stepfather used to be the sidekick to the super-powered Star-Spangled Kid, Courtney took up the mantle. Upon receiving the cosmic staff from Starman, however, she changed her persona to that of Stargirl. A version of the character was previously played by Britt Irvin on Smallville and Sarah Grey on Legends of Tomorrow.

A new iteration was announced back in 2018, with Brec Bassinger landing the titular role. Johns himself developed the series and wrote several episodes. As such, while it will seemingly combine the roles of Star-Spangled Kid and Starman, the show promises to be a streamlined yet faithful adaptation. Stargirl will also star Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel (aka Doctor Mid-Nite), Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez (aka Wildcat), and Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler (aka Hourman). Together, they will form a new generation of the Justice Society of America. The team had a cameo in the Arrowverse‘s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event – establishing that they exist on the new (and as-yet undetected) Earth-2.

The journey of the fledgling superhero team will be greeted by an equal and opposite force in the form of the Injustice League. Previous Stargirl episode synopses teased encounters between the two factions. A new trailer released on the YouTube channel for The CW Network, however, has offered fans their first glimpse of them coming to blows. The new footage reveals a group shot of the Injustice Society members lined up – potentially against the full might of the new JSA. It also features Courtney coming individually into conflict with Christopher James Baker‘s Henry King (aka Brainwave) as she’s found to dodge and fight back against his psychic abilities. Check out the full trailer below:

The rest of the Injustice Society is comprised of Joy Osmanski as Paula Brooks (aka Tigress), Neil Hopkins as Lawrence “Crusher” Crock (aka Sportsmaster), Nelson Lee as Dr. Ito (aka Dragon King), and Neil Jackson as Jordan Mahkent (aka Icicle). Stargirl will also star Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan. He will serve as the bridge between the new and past generation of the Justice Society of America – relaying the tragic history of Joel McHale‘s Starman, Lou Ferrigno. Jr‘s Hourman, Brian Stapf‘s Wildcat, and Henry Thomas‘ Doctor Mid-Nite. Wilson‘s character will also provide the team’s 15-foot robot ally, which was also further teased in the trailer. The main cast is rounded out by Amy Smart as Courtney’s mother, Barbara.

Each trailer has been met with passionate enthusiasm and excitement. The new look of the classic villains in action is sure to experience the same reaction. Any fans hoping that it will quickly connect with the rest of the Arrowverse, however, may be disappointed for the foreseeable future. While there will be a Flash and Green Lantern tease in the premiere, there isn’t expected to be any direct crossovers just yet. Regardless, with many other TV shows shutting down production and going into early hiatuses, Stargirl looks set to debut at just the right time to tide DC Comics fans over for a few more months.

DC‘s Stargirl will premiere via DC Universe on May 18, before airing via the CW on May 19.


via Screen Rant

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