‘Hobbs and Shaw 2’: Dwayne Johnson Reveals New Details!!

This past weekend, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to share the story of how losing out on the role of Jack Reacher led directly to him landing a part in the Fast & Furious franchise. That part of Hobbs in Fast Five, of course, became a fan-favorite, and Johnson’s long-promised Hobbs spinoff finally arrived last year in the form of Hobbs & Shaw. The actioner, which drew from iconic 80s buddy movies as it teamed Hobbs up with frenemy Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), was a hit, grossing over $760 million worldwide. So it came as no surprise to learn that a Hobbs & Shaw 2 is now in the works.

In the same Instagram video in which Johnson recounted the story of not getting the Jack Reacher role, the performer let slip a few tantalizing details about the Hobbs & Shaw sequel. First and foremost, Chris Morgan is back writing the screenplay. Morgan has been basically the architect of the Fast & Furious franchise for years. His first foray with Fast & Furious was Tokyo Drift, and he wrote every Fast movie after that up through The Fate of the Furious. He did not write the upcoming F9, with rumors swirling that Vin Diesel was maybe none too happy that Morgan opted to co-write Johnson’s spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, but no matter. He’ll be back to continue on with the Hobbs & Shaw franchise.

Johnson also teased the inclusion of more characters, notably not just villains whose ass Hobbs will kick, but a variety of colorful characters that expand the world of Hobbs & Shaw:

“Chris Morgan, of course, will write again, Seven Bucks Productions will produce again. We created a lot of great characters, from Vanessa Kirby’s character to Idris Elba, and Eiza Gonzalez. And now in this next installment we have a few more surprises and great characters to create. Not characters that Hobbs can just kick the shit out of, because that’s boring, but characters I think that you guys are gonna fall in love with. Villains, anti-heroes, and heroes all across the board.”

The sequel isn’t yet dated, and Johnson already has a full dance card for the foreseeable future. He was in the midst of filming the Netflix movie Red Notice when the coronavirus hit and shut down production, and had planned on finally filming his DC Films debut Black Adam this summer. There’s also another Jumanji movie in the early stages of development, but Universal no doubt sees Hobbs & Shaw 2 as a priority so I would expect that one to hit sooner rather than later. Perhaps in 2022, a year after F9? Of course it all depends on how long this shutdown lasts, and what happens once folks can safely go back to work.

Anywho, check out Johnson’s full Instagram video below. It’s well worth a watch.


via Collider

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