‘Spider-Man 3’: MCU Film Release Reportedly Unlikely To Be Delayed!!

Spider-Man: Homecoming 3‘s release date is reportedly unlikely to be delayed due to coronavirus. With movie theaters closed indefinitely because of the ongoing pandemic, several Hollywood studios were forced to reschedule several of their upcoming projects. With the recent delay of Pixar‘s Soul, just about every title planned to debut from now through the end of July has either been pushed back or premiered on-demand instead. Disney recently reshuffled their release slate for the next couple of years, with Black Widow’s new November window having a domino effect on the rest of the Mouse House’s Phase 4 movies (save for Black Panther 2).

One notable future Marvel Cinematic Universe installment not included in that Disney announcement is the franchise’s Spider-Man 3, which is because that film is a Sony release. As such, it’s up to Sony if the movie is postponed or not. With the project aiming to begin principal photography this summer in order to meet a July 2021 release date, fans were wondering if Spider-Man 3 would have to be delayed, particularly since it’s unknown if it can start filming on time. However, the way things stand now, the movie isn’t encountering any setbacks.

Per Heroic Hollywood, “a studio insider” says Spider-Man 3 is still slated for July 2021. Sony‘s already had to shift a number of their films, like MorbiusGhostbusters: Afterlife, and Uncharted, around in response to the health crisis, but it appears their next Spider-Man movie will be one of the few projects unaffected by what’s going on.

The plan pre-pandemic called for Spider-Man 3 to begin production in July, which coincidentally was the same month Black Adam was targeting. Dwayne Johnson‘s DC Comics adaptation could provide a blueprint of how Spider-Man 3 might be able to remain on track. Word is Black Adam will now start filming in August or September, so that may be the timeframe for when Spider-Man 3 could start up and still be able to make its original date. Granted, director Jon Watts would have less time to complete the movie, but having principal photography pushed back from July to August arguably wouldn’t be the worst thing for Spider-Man 3, and as long as the crew worked efficiently with minimal setbacks, the finished film could be done for July 2021.

Of course, it goes without saying this could change at any moment. Due to the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible to say if it will be safe for Hollywood to be up and running again come August. Should things still be delayed in the late summer, then Spider-Man 3 may have to be postponed. There’s also the matter of the aforementioned Uncharted movie, which was literally a day into principal photography when it was shut down. Tom Holland is starring in the video game adaptation as Nathan Drake, so it’ll be interesting to see how Sony handles the shooting schedules for both. It’s worth mentioning Uncharted isn’t scheduled October 2021, so if Spider-Man 3 can shoot this year, then Holland would be able to go straight from the MCU to Uncharted without missing a beat.


via Screen Rant

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