‘Capone’: Josh Trank Reveals New Title for ‘Fonzo’ and Other Details!!

For those of you wondering when you will finally be able to see Tom Hardy as infamous gangster Al Capone in writer/director Josh Trank‘s Fonzo, an answer may finally be crystallizing. If you can believe it, Fonzo was announced all the way back in October 2016, with filming beginning in spring 2018 and some behind-the-scenes looks at Hardy’s transformation into the Chicago-area crime boss dropping onto the internet throughout 2018.

Well, consider today’s update, which is happening in April 2020, the first official one we’ve gotten since filming began two years ago. Per eagle-eyed Twitter user @antovolk, who posted a screenshot from the site Film RatingsFonzo has gotten a few tweaks. First, the feature film is now apparently titled Capone. The film has also been given an “R” rating for “strong/bloody violence, pervasive language, and some sexuality,” which you’d expect given this is ostensibly a crime drama tracking one of America’s most notorious criminal figures.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of all is that Trank’s feature will be distributed by Vertical Entertainment, a company best known for acquiring titles like GottiBillionaire Boys Club, and The Professor and the Madman (cool??). Vertical is also known for taking the “release it digitally” approach to its acquisitions and that may be in the cards for Fonzo Capone, too. However, no official statement from Vertical or Trank has been made in regards to release plans for the Hardy starrer, so it would be weird to make a definitive statement on how this will all play out. A statement from Trank may not occur via social media anytime soon, either, since the director announced on Instagram at the end of March this year he was taking a break from the platform.

So, does any of this new information mean we’ll for sure be seeing Capone any time soon? No, not necessarily. But at least Trank’s latest feature is a few steps closer to release.


via Collider

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