‘Mulan 2’ Rumored to be Already in Development!!

Before it lost its release date as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the signs were all pointing to Mulan being a box office hit. Despite the fact the Niki Caro helmed release was clearly taking some liberties with the animated classic, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the movie which Disney recently moved from March 27th to July 24th, later this year.

According to a new report from Full Circle Cinema, Disney was so confident in Mulan‘s chances of success, the plan was for a sequel to be announced following its release in theaters.

Chris Bender, Jason Reed, and Jake Weiner are all attached to produce, though it’s unclear whether Caro will return to direct. Presumably, the main cast will also return, though it’s hard to say what the story will be like when the first installment is already deviating heavily from the original.

That sort of creative freedom likely means it will be an original tale, and we’re guessing it won’t borrow much from the critically panned animated Mulan sequel which came out in 2004.

Aside form Maleficent, we’ve not seen any of these live-action films from Disney get the sequel treatment, but a follow-up to Aladdin is also said to be in the works. Despite the first installment being a box office hit, there’s been no mention of a sequel to The Lion King as of right now.



via Comic Book Movie

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