Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ Universe Gets a Real Title!!

Objectively the best story of the day comes to you from the world of hilariously ill-advised corporate branding, the same genre that brought you hits like “people will definitely understand Quibi means Quick Bites” and “the title of Hobbs & Shaw absolutely needs to be longer and include a colon.” A completely innocuous Tweet sent by the official Spider-Man: Far From Home account earlier today seemed to officially brand Sony’s Marvel-adjacent universe—which right now half-includes Tom Holland‘s Spidey films, plus Into the Spider-Verse, the Venom films, and Morbius—as the “Spider-Man Universe of Characters”. As you can see, that is a whole-ass mouthful of word salad. IGN reached out to Sony, who helpfully clarified that, oh, no no no, the real title is actually much worse:

Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters

This is…hilarious. Hilarious, and such an unforced error I can hardly comprehend it. The studio has an Oscar-winning animated film with the name of a “Spider-Man Universe” right there in the title. Disney has made an absolute buffoon of itself in public more times than I can count since acquiring Marvel, but even the most buzzword-obsessed studio in town knows that either “Marvel Cinematic Universe” or simply “the MCU” is as quick and snappy as you need.

Meanwhile, Sony is over here just dropping SPUMC on our heads. The SPUMC sounds like something you’re not allowed to say in church. SPUMC is the noise you make when a jump-scare in a horror movie makes you throw up just a little. I’m legitimately excited to walk up to a ticket-taker and ask to see “Venom: Let There Be Carnage presented by the SPUMC.” Thank you, Sony, for this gift. I mean this sincerely.


via Collider

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