‘Space Force’ Trailer Reveals Steve Carell and Greg Daniels’ Reunion Show!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the first Space Force trailer for the upcoming comedy series starring Steve Carell. The half-hour show is actually a bit of a The Office reunion, as it was created by Carell and U.S. The Office creator/showrunner Greg Daniels. The latter serves as showrunner on the series while Carell executive produces, writes, and stars as a four-star general who is assigned to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the military, Space Force. He uproots his family and moves to a remote base to do his best to put his team of scientists and “Spacemen” to good use, but chaos ensues.

Judging by this trailer, Space Force is very much a satire, and it’s quite different from Daniels’ other shows (Parks and Rec and the recently launched Upload on Amazon)—there’s even a stand-in for congresswoman A.O.C. It’ll be interesting to see how much politics plays a role in the series, but regardless there’s still some absolute shenanigans in store as the trailer finds Carell’s character breaking out into song. And this cast? Incredible. I’m excited.

Check out the Space Force trailer below. The series also stars John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow, Jane Lynch, Noah Emmerich, Jimmy O Yang, Diana Silvers, and Tawny Newsome. Space Force premieres on Netflix on May 29th.


via Collider

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