‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: Release Date Revealed During the Cast’s at-Home Dance Party!! Check It Out!!

Looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer for The Umbrella Academy Season 2. The cast of the Netflix series gathered together to release a special music video not only hearkening back to one of the best moments in Season 1, but also to announce the release date for the second season.

I’m not sure you’re entirely prepared to watch the greatness that is this release date announcement trailer. All of the core Umbrella Academy faves are here — Ellen PageTom HopperRobert SheehanDavid CastañedaEmmy Raver-LampmanAidan Gallagher, and Justin Min —  and they’re dancing to the toe-tapping ’80s hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” The remote dance party recalls a memorable Umbrella Academy Season 1 scene, which features every Umbrella Academy team member dancing to the same song in their home, the vast and palatial Hargreeves residence. It’s a glorious music video, complete with some very smooth moves from every cast member (Page and Sheehan are arguably the MVPs of this video), and it comes with a bonus reveal. As the song winds down, Min has the responsibility of announcing the Season 2 release date: July 31, 2020.

Even though an official trailer has yet to debut, it’s fair to say Season 2 will be kicking off with a bang. The Season 1 finale saw the Hargreeves children finally banding together to save the world from the apocalypse they were first warned about by time traveling Hargreeves hero Number Five (Slater). Unfortunately, stopping the apocalypse meant banding together to stop Vanya (Page), who unwittingly had a major role in the foretold world-ending event. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 ends with the Hargreeves family watching as the apocalypse happens anyway with the moon destroyed and fragments of it raining down on Earth. It’s gonna be interesting to see where exactly things go in Season 2.

You can watch the complete Umbrella Academy Season 2 date announcement music video below. The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix on July 31.


via Collider

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