‘Armored’: Michael Bay to Produce Sony’s Action Thriller Set in Mexico’s Cartel Country!!

Not 24 hours after announcing a new pandemic thriller, Michael Bay has signed on to produce an adaptation of Mark Greaney‘s upcoming audio book Armored for Sony Pictures.

Set high on the Devil’s Spine of the Sierra Madre, the action thriller follows a high-risk security contractor who leads a heavily armed convoy of UN delegates through Mexico’s “cartel country,” where the modest motorcade struggles to survive rival gangs, a corrupt police force, and a mole who’s eager to end the peace talks before they bear fruit.

Deadline broke the news, and according to the trade’s Sony sources indicated that the action could always move away from Mexico and the cartels, though if that’s the case, why would the studio acquire Greaney’s audio book in the first place? It sounds very Sicario-ish to me, which is A-okay in my book. I even liked the sequel to that one, and I’m a sucker for cartel-themed shows like Narcos: Mexico and Amazon’s ZeroZeroZero.

Bay will produce Armored under his new deal at Sony along with Erwin Stoff of 3 Arts, and the search is already on for a writer to adapt Greaney’s audio book, which will debut on Audible later this year before being published in print down the line. Greaney is best known for writing the bestselling Gray Man series, as well as serving as the co-author of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels. I haven’s listened to too many audio books, but if this one is getting Bay’s attention, I may have to give it a try.

As referenced at the top, Bay just signed on to produce the low-budget pandemic thriller Songbird, which aims to shoot in the middle of the pandemic in a mere five weeks. It apparently has a real Cloverfield/Paranormal Activity vibe, though it’s unclear if it will be presented as a found footage project.


via Collider

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