All ‘Harry Potter’ Movies Are Available Now on HBO Max!!

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It just so happens all eight Harry Potter movies are currently available to stream on the newly-launched HBO Max service. After months of hype, HBO Max has finally landed, offering tons of movies and TV shows from every branch of the WarnerMedia family for us to begin binging on ASAP.

As we here at Collider discovered on Wednesday morning, all eight Harry Potter movies are among those very bingeable offerings. This revelation also flies in the face of a report we posted less than 24 hours ago, which utilizes quotes from HBO Max Content Chief Kevin Reilly who told Business Insider in a recent interview that none of the Harry Potter movies would be available to stream on HBO Max any time soon. Reilly stated HBO Max was still trying to get the rights back to the Harry Potter franchise hopefully by 2025, the date NBCUniversal’s ownership to the franchise’s streaming rights would expire. The HBO Max exec then went on to say,

“I’ll just say there is active engagement around that discussion. In terms of the marketplace, there’s a lot of opportunities for horse trading. The marketplace is shifting, with the impact of COVID and different companies launching different services, and it creates a lot of opportunities for horse trading. We’re seeing that across the board.”

One important piece of information missing from Reilly’s chat with Business Insider is when this interview was conducted. If we knew, it might shed some light on how HBO Max now has the ability to air all of the Harry Potter movies. Did a deal come together last-minute? Did Reilly makes these comments a month or two ago and a deal took shape between then and now? Your guess is as good as mine. But this Harry Potter news seemingly represents a victory for WarnerMedia, who have been working to regain streaming rights to various major IPs, with this franchise being a particularly notable holdout.

But, at any rate, you and I can now say, “Accio Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” to HBO Max and we’re sorted. And, in addition to watching all of the Harry Potter movies on HBO Max, a Wednesday morning report from The Hollywood Reporter confirms NBCUniversal still has retained the rights to air the movies on its linear channels. This means Harry Potter movies could still be shown on NBCU channels like SYFY and USA.

HBO Max is now available for you to dive into, so get all the information you need about how to sign up and what’s available to watch right here.


via Collider

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