Carole Baskin Awarded ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s Old Zoo!!

Another twist in the remarkable tale chronicled in Netflix‘s Tiger King docuseries sees Carole Baskin awarded the zoo that was owned by Joe Exotic. The series, which took the world by storm upon its release on the streaming service in March, follows the exploits of a number of eccentric characters involved in the exotic animal trade.

The main focus of the series was Joe Exotic, an exotic zoo owner, and his battle with Carole Baskin, an ex-exotic animal trader turned animal rights activist. The seven episodes of the show detail their soap opera-like feud, which includes espionage, accusations of murder and the eventual arrest and imprisonment of Exotic for organizing an attempted hit on Baskin. The show also details Baskin‘s attempts to expose Exotic‘s mistreatment of exotic animals, and her campaign to shut down his zoo.

Now, in an ironic twist of fate, CNN reports that Baskin has been handed control of the land and zoo that Exotic used to run. In a legal order, a federal judge ordered that the animal park be turned over to Baskin within 120 days. Exotic, who is currently serving 22 years in federal prison, gave up ownership of the  zoo and land to Jeff Lowe a number of years ago, but Lowe has still been compelled to turn the property over to Baskin.

Lowe‘s attorney told CNN that the judgment was expected and that Lowe had not tried to stop it. He also says that Lowe is currently in the process of opening a different park in Thackerville, Oklahoma, and that he is focused on that at the moment.

This twist in the tale is sure to get people talking about the series again, which has somewhat faded from the pop culture consciousness in recent weeks. This despite that fact that Tiger King was the No. 1 show on Netflix for a number of weeks following its release. The popularity of the docuseries led to celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon, dressing up as the characters from the show. There are also a number of planned Tiger King TV show and movies on the horizon, with a diverse range of talent attached to the various projects, including Nicolas Cage, Tara Reid, Kate McKinnon and Rob Lowe.

There is also a follow-up episode of Tiger King currently in production, which will follow the infamous attack that took place during one of Siegfried and Roy‘s Las Vegas tiger shows. However, that is unlikely to be last episode in this saga, and this judgment now opens the show up for a full follow-up season. There is no news on that as yet, but expect the show producers to pounce on this development and include it in their plans for a potential Tiger King season 2.


via Screen Rant

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