‘Midsommar’: New Director’s Cut Comes With a Martin Scorsese Intro and More!!

You can never have enough Midsommar— and A24 seems to know it. A24 has announced they’re releasing a new Midsommar Director’s Cut on Bu-ray. The release is timed for the peak of summer and features a prime opportunity for fans of the Ari Aster-directed, Florence Pugh-starrer to really dig in and get better acquainted with this gorgeous pastoral horror movie.

So, what do you get when you spend $45 (as quoted on the A24 shop page) on the Midsommar Director’s Cut: Collector’s Edition? You can choose between 4K UHD or standard high definition for the 171-minute director’s cut of the movie. The cut, which is an extra 33 minutes of movie, brings viewers even deeper into Aster’s strange and psychadelic creative vision. Additionally, the Collector’s Edition comes with a textured cloth slipcase which will look gorgeous wherever you choose to put it. And, to top it all off, you get a 62-page booklet with new artwork, as seen in Midsommar, from artist Ragnar Persson and a foreward from director Martin Scorsese.

Midsommar is a damn great movie and, in this Collector’s Edition format, deserves to live in your house. The Midsommar Director’s Cut: Collector’s Edition is now available to buy on the A24 site.  The Collector’s Edition is expected to ship out beginning July 20th.

You can get a sneak peek at the special booklet and disc from the new release below.


Image via A24


Image via A24


Image via A24


via Collider

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