‘Tenet’: New Posters Confirm New August Release Date!! Check It Out!!

Warner Bros. has released not one, but two new Tenet posters confidently promoting its new August release date. To help seal the deal, each of the new posters features Tenet star John David Washington and his “twin”, the latter of which sports an oxygen mask which — if I’ve been interpreting the very murky trailers correctly —  has something to do with the idea of time inversion central to the plot.

These new Tenet posters are nothing if not jazzy. And look, if I can’t sit safely in an air-conditioned theater for two-plus hours watching Christopher Nolan lay out an intense and complex movie for my enjoyment, having two posters featuring double the Washington is pretty chill. There’s not much to say about the posters save for the fact they  have the newest release date — Wednesday, August 12 — proudly plastered on them. This new release date was revealed just one week ago, marking the second time Warner Bros. has bumped the pic’s theatrical release in recent months. Originally slated to debut on July 17, we learned in early June the studio had bumped the release date to July 31. The latest date push reflects the nation’s renewed battle with COVID-19, with new cases surging in a large number of states, and the three biggest theater chains — AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark — scrambling to figure out when the best time to reopen actually could be.

ICYMI: In addition to WashingtonTenet stars Robert PattinsonElizabeth DebickiKenneth BranaghMichael CaineHimesh Patel, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (I’ll believe it when I see it). Plot details on Tenet are scarce but I do know this movie is about a guy named Protagonist (Washington) recruited to a mission involving tracking a shady, elite Russian (Branagh) and his wife (Debicki), aided by a crack team involving characters played by Pattinson, Patel, and maybe Taylor-Johnson. That’s all I know, but hopefully we learn more when this movie finally gets released in a month.

Tenet is currently scheduled for theatrical release on Wednesday, August 12. Check out the snazzy new poster below.


Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.



via Collider

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