‘French Exit’: First Look Teases the Upcoming Dark Comedy Adaption!! Check It Out!!

Step right up because your first look at Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges in the dark comedy French Exit is finally here. The forthcoming Sony Pictures Classic movie is directed by Azazel Jacobs and penned by Patrick DeWitt, who also wrote the novel this movie is adapted from. Fancy that!

Sony Pictures Classics casually dropped what might be actual, Louvre-worthy art onto our Twitter timelines on Tuesday afternoon. This first-look photo from French Exit gives us a full view of Pfeiffer and Hedges as the forlorn, fallen socialite mother-son duo of Frances and Malcom Price. Oh, and that cat? Yeah, that’s Small Frank, the Price’s cat who will be voiced by Tracey Letts. The photo teases what is, most likely, an early event in the French Exit story, which follows Frances, a tart, possessive Manhattan socialite, and her emotionally-stunted adult son Malcolm as they abscond from New York City to Paris following the scandalous death of her husband.

This first image from French Exit is truly a breath of fresh, especially considering it’s been more than a year since we first reported on the project. Jacobs and DeWitt previously collaborated on the 2011 feature Terri, co-starring John C. Reilly. The two have remained creatively connected since then, with Jacobs giving Reilly a copy of DeWitt’s 2011 novel The Sisters Brothers, which the actor then bought the rights to, produced, and co-starred in. I love me a dynamic duo, so I’m fascinated to see what this here French Exit will look like with Jacobs and DeWitt re-teaming — and adding in a little Pfeiffer and Hedges for good measure.

French Exit is currently scheduled for release in 2020.


Image via Sony Pictures Classics


via Collider

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