A ‘Happy Endings’ Virtual Reunion Is Happening!!

Happy Endings was simply delightful. The David Caspe-created ABC sitcom, over three seasons from 2011-2013, delivered zippy jokes, immaculately farcical constructions, and one of the best ensemble comedy casts in TV history. It was always a cult hit trying to be shoved into a mainstream box, never quite earning home run numbers for the network, but still loved to pieces by the fervent audience that did watch it, leading to lots of rumors and discussions of reunions, revivals, new seasons, and the like. Now — finally! — we’re getting a reunion in the form of a virtual cast reading for charity (via Variety).

The entire central cast — Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., and Casey Wilson — will be joining a virtual call alongside “a surprise special guest” (Pedro Pascal again?) to read a brand new script from the Happy Endings writers called “And The Pandemmy Goes To…” After the reading, fans can participate in a live Q&A by tweeting @HappyEndings with the hashtag #AskHappyEndings. The event will be streamed on Sony’s YouTube channel July 20 at 4pm PST, and it will all be in benefit of the charities Color of Change and World Central Kitchen.

Caspe, alluding cheekily to his show’s rough network history, said this:

For years, the people — and multiple networks — have spoken: They do not want this show to continue. Undeterred, we were finally able to convince them to at least let us do just one weird Zoom thing, as long as we did it ourselves and it was for charity. So if you want to watch, please donate to Color of Change and World Central Kitchen, two incredible organizations fighting to make the world a safer, more equitable, just place for all.

Nostalgia, new comedy shenanigans, helping a good cause — now that’s a happy… you get it.

Check out the Happy Endings charity reunion on July 20, 4pm PST, on Sony’s YouTube.


via Collider

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