‘Black Match’: Elisabeth Moss Announces New Show for Hulu!!

Elisabeth Moss is kinda crushing it right now! She’s incredible in the recent movie Shirley, she’s incredible in the slightly-less-recent The Invisible Man, and she’s incredible on iconic prestige TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Mad Men. Now, the ubiquitous actor is taking a big leap into producing content. Per Variety, Moss has signed a first look deal with Hulu and Fox 21 Television Studios — and the first project being made sounds incredible, indeed.

Black Match will be produced and developed by Moss, from a script by Ian McCulloch (Yellowstone). She will also star in the anthology series, a neo-noir set in modern-day Los Angeles, with a psychosexual suspense thriller edge. Mike Barker (The Handmaid’s Tale) will direct the pilot and produce alongside McCulloch and Moss. I must say: The idea of Moss developing and starring in what sounds like a Brian de Palma or Adrian Lyne joint, with noir trappings to boot, feels like television catnip, and if this is the kind of “smart genre” direction Moss is heading in as a creator, sign me the heck up!

MossHulu/Fox deal will involve her production company, Love & Squalor Pictures, which is also currently developing Candy, a true crime series starring Moss as an axe murderer, a series called Imperfect Women, and two films based on novels: Smacked, a memoir about addiction, and Idaho, a story about a love rocked by past trauma. The production company will be run by Lindsey McManus, and Moss said this about their partnership:

I am so excited to have formed this company and established this partnership with Lindsey to find material ourselves and have real ownership as producers. We want to develop strong, unique stories for the big and small screen that we feel are inclusive and represent the world that we all see around us. We are very proud of the slate that we are building, comprised of projects that run the gamut from broad, commercial fare to darker, more challenging works.

Based on the loglines and descriptions thus far, it sounds like Moss is about to write a whole new set of chapters for her already-sterling career.


via Collider

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