The New Mutants’: New Clip Reveals Footage of the Opening Scene!! Check It Out!!

20th Century Studios has released the footage from The New Mutants opening scene. Even better, fans have been treated to an action-packed sizzle reel to help get us even more hyped for the long-awaited X-Men tale. The new footage was released during the New Mutants Comic-Con@Home panel featuring director Josh Boone, plus Alice Braga, Anya Taylor-JoyMaisie WilliamsCharlie HeatonBlu Hunt, and Henry Zaga.

It’s been a long, long road to get to the point where we’re finally seeing new footage from The New Mutants. This movie has weathered years of delays and production hiccups, but alas, we are so close to seeing Boone’s full-fledged vision writ large on the big screen. This new footage, which includes three-and-a-half minutes from the opening scene as well as a sizzle reel, is the freshest and most in-depth look we’ve had at The New Mutants. The footage also comes on the heels of a new trailer released last week to help promote the Comic-Con@Home virtual panel.

The opening footage of the film is mostly chaos, flashes of explosions and sound punctuated by the phrase “what is happening?“, which is about as on-brand as possible for the roll-out of New Mutants. At this point, all footage and teases—which always looks great, like this sizzle reel does!—just feels like a prank. Getting excited over this cool-looking tease seems silly when Disney just moved 90% of its movies off the 2020 release calendar, no?

Magik does look badass, though.

Check out the new footage below (which starts at the 24:34 mark).The New Mutants is (for now!) still scheduled to hit theaters on August 28.

via Collider

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