‘Lovecraft Country’ Gets a Full Horrific Trailer!! Check It Out!!

I hope you’re ready for a strong dose of southern gothic spookiness, because there’s a brand new trailer for HBO’s upcoming horror-drama Lovecraft Country. And folks, it slaps. The highly-anticipated series, based on the novel by Matt Ruff and executive produced by Jordan Peele and J. J. Abrams, is mixing up monsters and metaphor in a period horror-drama that looks absolutely killer. And most importantly, is that Cthulu?!?

Lovecraftian terrors are having a moment right now in entertainment, from Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to the outstanding Color Out of Space adaptation and the otherworldly creepy-crawlies of Underwater. I wonder if it has something to do with the general sense of existential dread and the universe’s cruel indifference in the air? Hmmm, probably something else. Either way, I couldn’t be more excited to see cosmic terror on the rise, and in the case of Lovecraft Country, it’s a particularly inspired take on the material, considering Lovecraft himself was known to be a pretty horrific racist.

The 10-episode series, which premieres August 16th, follows African American science-fiction fan Atticus Black (Jonathan Majors) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) as they travel across 1950s America searching for Atticus’ missing father Montrose Freeman (Michael Kenneth Williams), who imparted cryptic words about a secret birthright before disappearing. Atticus must travel to Lovecraft Country in rural Massachusetts to hopefully find his father and uncover the truth. During that time, America was deeply entrenched in racist violence and Jim Crow laws that reinforced discrimination and segregation, so a road trip right through the heart of the country would be terrifying enough without the introduction of interdimensional monsters.

But nothing with “Lovecraft” in the title would be complete without some shoggoths and star-spawns, so the main characters are going to have to contend with all sorts of evil, both human and otherworldly, before the credits roll on the final episode. The series also stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Jamie Chung, and Tony Goldwyn. (We can only assume Goldwyn is playing a villain, and the trailer does nothing to disprove this assumption.)

You can watch the trailer below, and begin counting down the days until August 16 immediately after.


via Collider

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