‘Shang-Chi’ Sets Revealed in News Footage as Marvel Filming Prepares to Resume!!

Production on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to resume in the coming days. Ahead of the cast and crew returning to set in Western Australia to begin filming, news footage from a local Aussie news broadcast has revealed some of the sets for the Marvel Phase Four movie. This is one of the most exciting sneak peeks we’ve gotten at what will be the first MCU movie with predominantly Asian cast, led by rising star Simu Liu.

Over the weekend, Sydney’s 7NEWS (via Twitter user @_ChristopherM) updated its coverage from March of this year with new aerial footage of Shang-Chi sets being built in Western Australia. The 7NEWS chopper was able to grab some stellar views of what appears to be a temple or village setting, with bright yellows roofs gleaming the Aussie sun. It is also noted in 7NEWS’s report that the Shang-Chi cast and crew have all returned to Australia following a quarantine period and four-month production shutdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic. This news footage of Shang-Chi sets being built and confirmation the cast and crew are heading back to set confirms our July 1 report that filming was set to resume at the end of the month.

Movement on Shang-Chi‘s production is perhaps the most exciting news coming out of the MCU right now. Any previous dates for the first Phase Four movie, Black Widow, as well as the first of the Marvel/Disney+ shows, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision, have been taken off the calendar as Marvel presumably figures out the right timing to release these highly-anticipated titles. In light of this, Shang-Chi getting back into the production groove also feels like a refreshing change of pace. Production resuming on Shang-Chi also means there’s a chance Liu and fellow Shang-Chi cast members Michelle YeohTony LeungAwkwafina, and Rosalind Chao will start sharing teases of their MCU movie to social media; start crossing those fingers now.


via Collider

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