The CW Puts Your Favorite DC Superheroes In Different Kinds of Masks!! Check It Out!!

Superheroes tend to wear masks. But with a few exceptions, these masks do not cover their heroes’ mouths. I get it — people are paying good money to see Christian Bale‘s jawline, ya know? But in a global pandemic in which everyone needs to wear masks in order to save each other, perhaps some more positive messaging is needed from our friends in the superhero community. The CW, which its mighty roster of DC shows spinned off from the Arrow-verse, has answered the call, revealing several character posters of their brightest and best masked up and ready to breathe safely.

Who do we have represented in this series of coronavirus-aimed public service announcements? We’ve got The FlashSupergirlSuperman representing his new 2021 show Superman & LoisStargirlBlack Lightning, and White Canary and — hell yeah — Beebo from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. All of these heroes have their traditional looks, with one key component added — a PPE-friendly mask worn over their mouth and, very importantly, their friggin’ nose. Seriously, if you’re walking around outside with a mask hanging just around your chin like you’ve got an Amish beard, ya doing it wrong, and now a superhero stuffed bear is telling you so.

In seriousness: This pandemic can be stopped so much quicker if everyone just stays inside, stays six feet apart, and masks up when in public. If it takes a group of superheroes reminding us of this fact to make it stick, I’ll take it. Check out the full roster of posters below.


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


Image via The CW


via Collider

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