‘Superworld’: Jason Bateman and ‘Game Night’ Writer Re-Uniting for Adaption!!

Reader, you must watch Game Night. The fast-paced, beautifully directed action-comedy starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams as a couple trying to survive a game night that’s taken a wild turn is raucously funny, sweet, and has some of the best comedy filmmaking and storytelling you’ll ever see. I’m beyond pleased to hear, then, that Bateman is reuniting with Game Night writer Mark Perez to adapt the novel Superworld, a delightful sounding film with a delightfully high concept premise (via Hollywood Reporter).

Superworld, the novel written by Gus Krieger, is about a near future where everyone on Earth is blessed with a superpower. Except, of course, for one man named Ignatius Lohman. His dad is arguably the most powerful human on the planet, and Ignatius is stuck being a normal, white-collar so-and-so. But when a new villain whose powers involve removing the powers of superheroes rears their ugly head, Ignatius just might be the only person who can save us all.

Perez will adapt Krieger’s work into a screenplay, and Bateman will direct and produce the project for Warner Bros. Also producing are David Kanter (The Revenant) and Joff Okin (Dark Skies). While no cast members have yet been announced, I’d argue that Bateman would be a great fit either for the powerless hero (pent-up familial frustration is always a great look on him) or the power-sucking villain. Moreover, while I’ve been enjoying Bateman’s work in more serious, genre spaces, I’m thrilled to see him dip back into lighter fare, with the scribe of one of his best films, no less.


via Collider

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