WB Games Montreal Teases ‘Batman: Gotham Knights’ and “Court of Owls”!!!

After more than a year spent offering up teases of the (presumably titled) Batman: Gotham Knights and the new game’s focus on the Court of Owls, WB Games Montreal has given us a solid bit of intel. Through a bit of a twisting, turning social media maze, the studio behind 2012’s Batman: Arkham City and 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins has revealed that tomorrow, August 18th at 11am ET, fans everywhere will be getting a taste of the upcoming title and its story focus … we hope.

Batman: Gotham Knights is already on tap for this weekend’s DC FanDome, but it looks like we’ll get to enjoy some sort of teaser a little earlier than that. The linked social media accounts have only offered bread crumbs for fans out there to trace back to the Court of Owls, a powerful and well-connected cabal of mysterious, masked Gothamites who aim to carry out their own vision for the city, come hell or high water. It’s a group that’s injected some wonderful mythology into the long history of Batman and finds the Caped Crusader forced to team up with some of his most iconic villains in order to take down the Court and their assassins, the Talons. We’ll see just how much of the Court of Owls story is folded into the new game when more is revealed throughout this week and weekend.

Here’s the latest tease from WB Games Montreal:

Along with this solitary tweet from the linked account:

That Morse code snippet translates to MW# (if we’re doing it correctly…) but it’s beyond us what exactly that means at the moment. The linked Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts don’t offer much more,

What’s more clear, however, is the related website r3dakt3d.com, which features the more-obvious method: “We’ve Been Expecting You” and the date 8/18 (tomorrow!) and a countdown timer. Expect more details at 11am ET tomorrow!


via Collider

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