‘Dead Ringers’: Amazon Series Will See Rachel Weisz Play Twins!!

Rachel Weisz will executive produce and star in a series adaptation of David Cronenberg’s 1988 film Dead Ringers for Amazon, which means we will soon be graced with twin Rachel Weiszes. Amazon Studios and Annapurna Television will produce the show, marking the first time the Academy Award-winning Weisz has appeared in a regular role on a series. Alice Birch (Normal People) will script the series and also serve as an executive producer.

In a press release, Albert Cheng, COO and Co-Head of Television at Amazon Studios said, “This update to Dead Ringers explores the darker side of medicine, obsession, and the human condition, making it a compelling addition to our slate of Amazon Original series.”

“This series is a thrilling tale about ambition, self-interest, and the manipulation of power. Rachel’s unequivocal depth as an actor make her the perfect person to bring the new Mantle twins to life in Alice’s fresh take on the original, which will no doubt be even more twisted.” Said Annapurna’s Chief Content Officer, Sue Naegle.

“I am so lucky to have such brilliant partners in Annapurna and Amazon Studios, and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with the exceptionally talented Alice Birch. I can’t wait to go on this journey with all of them,” said Weisz.

Croneberg’s original film starred Jeremy Irons as twin gynecologists who engage in a pattern of seducing their patients and passing them off to each other without the women ever knowing the brothers are impersonating one another. Complications arise when they become emotionally attached to one of their patients, which creates a rift between them with catastrophic results. It’s unclear how closely the Amazon series will adhere to the plot of the film, but the confidence with which they seem to feel they can be “even more twisted” than David Cronenberg has definitely captured my attention. (That, and the promise of dual Rachel Weiszes.)


via Collider

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