‘Arcana’: ‘John Wick’s’ Chad Stahelski To Direct Urban Fantasy Film From ‘Predators’ Screenwriters!!

If you’re a filmmaker that has a huge directorial debut, such as Chad Stahelski and “John Wick,” for example, all you want is to make sure your sophomore feature isn’t a bust. Well, after two more “John Wick” sequels, each performing better than the last, it’s clear that Stahelski is no fluke, and Hollywood studios have taken notice. Now, he has a number of projects being thrown his way and it appears he’s found one that isn’t in the “John Wick” universe that he’d like to work on, titled “Arcana.”

According to Deadline, Lionsgate (the studio behind the ‘Wick’ franchise) is staying in the Chad Stahelski business by developing a new feature, “Arcana,” for him to direct. The film comes from writers Michael Finch and Alex Litvak (who previously worked on “Predators”) and tells the story a hidden world of magical clans that live in a gritty urban environment. Yes, you can also describe “John Wick” as a gritty urban tale of the hidden world of assassins, so is “Arcana” just the magical “John Wick?” That sounds amazing, so let’s see it!

That being said, it doesn’t appear that “Arcana” is coming anytime soon. Keep in mind, Stahelski still has not one but two “John Wick” films that Lionsgate is hoping to shoot back-to-back soon. So, you have to assume the filmmaker is going to have his hands tied up in assassins for quite some time. In addition, he’s also working on a number of other projects including being a producer on a new “Man From Nowhere” remake, as well as the John Wick” spin-off series, “The Continental.”

Needless to say, as amazing as “Arcana” sounds, we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much. There’s still a lot of time between when this film can be put into production. But if it does, it sounds as if Stahelski is staying in the blockbuster action business and that’s a good thing for film fans.


via The Playlist

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