‘Tenet’ Gets a Behind the Scenes Video!! Check It Out!!

Before getting into the family business, John David Washington (son of Denzel) was a professional football player. And judging by this fierce, wild, and invigorating featurette on the making of Tenet, his athleticism was needed in full force on Christopher Nolan‘s time-bending big-budget spy picture.

As you might know, Mr. Nolan is fond of practical effects in his movies, preferring to literally blow something up instead of making a computer simulate blowing it up. Judging by all the stunt work, car chases, gun fights, and martial arts takedowns hinted at and deconstructed in this making-of video, it seems like he has only heightened these impulses and modes of filmmaking. I was, in particular, flabbergasted by Washington’s gung-ho jumping into performing as many of the stunts as possible himself. When this guy hand-to-hand fights a ton of dudes, that’s him. When this guy runs through an opera house covered in heavy armor, that’s him. And when this guy literally jumps onto a moving truck, that’s him! I can barely walk for ten minutes without feeling out of breath — no choice but to stan a stunt king.

Check out the full making-of Tenet video below, and hang onto something.


via Collider

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