Arnold Schwarzenegger Set for TV Debut with a New Spy Series!!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Terminator announces that he will soon be returning to an area to continue his brand of mayhem, he does so with a pithy “I’ll be back.” But what does Arnie say when he’s heading to a place he’s never been before? “I’ll be there”? Like the friggin’ Friends theme song? Well, let’s hope he’s got a better line than that when he steps onto the set of his new TV show — the first time Schwarzenegger has performed on scripted television as a series regular.

Per Deadline, Schwarzenegger is starring in an as-of-yet-untitled show about a globe-trotting spy (Schwarzenegger, natch) and his daughter (yet to be cast). The show is created by Nick Santora, who also created the CBS spy drama Scorpion, and is running the new Amazon Jack Reacher show. Both he and Schwarzenegger are producers on the project, alongside David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Bill Bost for production company Skydance Television, which Santora has a deal with and which produced Schwarzenegger’s Terminator: Dark Fate. The show does not have a network yet, but the team is currently in the process of shopping to streaming networks soon.

I think this move makes sense for Schwarzenegger, and has me excited that we might see a new side of him. Santora’s CV is eclectic, ranging the gamut from the most formulaic of procedural shows (Law & Order) to the most acclaimed of prestige TV (The Sopranos). Given that the pair are targeting streaming services, I wonder if that means the material leans more complex, prestige-oriented, and otherwise out of the ordinary for Schwarzenegger. I also wonder if this will be a “passing the torch” story, “starring” Schwarzenegger but really serving as a launchpad for the daughter’s forthcoming action career. And heck, if this show winds up being the most serviceable, basic-ass show ever, we at least get to watch Schwarzenegger do spy shit week after week, and that ain’t bad.


via Collider

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