‘She-Hulk’: Director Kat Coiro to Helm the Marvel Series Pilot!!

While we await the arrival of Marvel’s Disney+ TV shows (if not for the pandemic, we would have already gotten The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), the studio isn’t slowing down on the upcoming lineup of series they have planned. Deadline reports that Marry Me director Kat Coiro is in talks to helm the pilot and several other episodes of the Disney+ series She-Hulk. Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) is already on board to serve as showrunner.

For those unfamiliar with She-Hulk, her alter ego is Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner. An emergency blood transfusion gave Walters Hulk powers, but unlike Banner, she’s able to keep her intelligence and personality when Hulks out. Of course, that difference doesn’t really mean as much in the current MCU where we’ve seen that Banner has mastered his Hulk side to stay Smart Hulk. We also don’t know for certain whether or not Mark Ruffalo will be a part of She-Hulk, but he seems open to the possibility.

With Coiro, whose TV credits also include Dead to Me, Shameless, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (so don’t be surprised if She-Hulk has a comic bent), on board, the big question now becomes who will be cast to play the title role. There’s no shortage of great actors out there who could have a lot of fun with the role. I’m also curious about what Gao and Coiro plan to do with the series, and while I’m on board for whatever they want to attempt, my personal hope is a courtroom series, which would be a fun addition to the lineup of shows Marvel has planned.

But we shouldn’t count on seeing She-Hulk anytime soon. Not only is production difficult right now, but Marvel has hit a backlog on its distribution. Without COVID, Marvel would have already released Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier this year with Eternals and WandaVision on the way, but now it appears there will be no new Marvel in 2020.


via Collider

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