‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Reveals the PS5 Gameplay Footage!! Check It Out!!

The moment I heard a Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game was coming, as a PlayStation 5 launch title, from Insomniac Games who delivered the incredible PS4 Spider-Man title, I got very, very, very excited (even as the news came in that it would be shorter than some would like). Now, after some brief, delicious hints and first glimpses of the title, we’ve got our first, quite extended look at the gameplay footage, all captured in-engine from a PS5. And I, just, well, um, I, ah, it looks VERY GOOD!

This Miles Morales gameplay clip gives us a great balance of story, world-building, and combat, promising all kinds of immersive goodies. Miles Morales is immediately endearing (props to the Puerto Rican flag hanging from his apartment), his relationships with his friends are lovely, and when he just walks through a New York street fair, I am enraptured. Graphically speaking, the levels of light, color, shadow, and tactile fidelity just pop off the sucker, representing a leap forward from the PS4 in ways both subtle and show-offy. And once Morales pops on the suit and starts kicking the shit out of some goons… I mean, wow.

While some may criticize the footage we see as feeling a little too Naughty Dog-esque, especially in its rapid shifts between actual combat gameplay and narrative cut scenes, I find that style to be immersive, dynamic, and heart-stoppingly thrilling. And for a showpiece for a new console — and a new center character of a Spider-Man video game — that’s everything I want. The level of tonally heartfelt, “for the god of the people” philosophies embedded into the combat and quick time events is a welcome cherry on top. I cannot wait to play this sucker.

Check out the robust PlayStation 5 gameplay footage of Spider-Man: Miles Morales below. The game drops as a launch title with the PS5, which will be sometime holiday season 2020.


via Collider

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