‘Tenet’ Continues Lags in the U.S. But Crosses $250M at the Worldwide BO!!

Warner Bros. Tenet continues to trend downward at the domestic box office as it closes out another week in theaters. It was revealed last weekend (thanks to some quick numbers-crunching) that director Christopher Nolan‘s latest had earned a mere $9.5 million in its three-day Labor Day opening weekend and dropped down to $6.7 million by its second weekend. With crucial U.S. markets closed, including 80% of the Los Angeles market, Tenet‘s domestic box office slump continues with another stunning dip.

Tenet closed out its third domestic weekend in theaters with $4.7 million earned from 2,930 locations. This marks a 30% drop from last week’s domestic earnings. When added to its running total, Tenet‘s domestic box office gross now sits at $36.1 million. So, even though Tenet is technically the #1 movie in the U.S. and Canada, the numbers hardly do the Warner Bros. release any favors. As previously mentioned, with major cities across the country still shuttered due to COVID-19, Tenet‘s domestic box office gross will continue to take a hit. There is also the possibility that the lukewarm reviews of Tenet have finally spread far and wide enough to affect a prospective moviegoer’s decision to see it at this point. Folks are still going to the movies (as you’ll see in a minute), but a 30% week-to-week drop signals an increasing disinterest in seeing Tenet in all its mind-boggling glory.

On the sunnier side of the Tenet story, the movie’s international cume now sits at $214 million, with $25 million added from this weekend. Thanks to the pace of the international box office, Tenet has passed the $250 million mark in its global earnings. In addition to the U.S./Canada, the top markets to date include China ($60.6M), the United Kingdom ($18.2M), France ($15.6M), and Germany ($12.9M).

While Tenet maintains its top spot at the box office, interesting things have been happening amongst the other movies currently in theaters. 20th Century StudiosThe New Mutants is holding on to #2 at the domestic box office with $1.6 million earned from 2,518 locations at the end of its fourth week. This marks a 23% dip from last week and brings its domestic cume to $17.7 million. Opening at #3 is the Jim Caviezel-led thriller Infidel, which earned $1.5 million domestic from 1,716 locations. Meanwhile, Russell Crowe‘s thriller Unhinged sits at #4 with $1.3 million earned from 2,324 locations, bringing its domestic cume to $15.7 million at the end of its sixth week.

Toward the bottom of this weekend’s Top 10 are even more new releases from smaller studios. At #7 is the Noomi RapaceJoel Kinnaman drama The Secrets We Keep, which earned nearly $90K from 471 locations. In eighth place is The Nest, starring Jude Law and Carrie Coon. The IFC Films movie acquired $62K from 301 locations. Meanwhile, the documentary The Way I See It, which focuses on the life and work of former Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza, earned $25K from 124 theaters. And, because life is funny and the current box office situation is very weird, #10 movie Foster Boy can boast the highest per-theater average in its opening weekend. The legal drama starring Matthew Modine and What Men Want‘s Shane Paul McGhie opened in one domestic theater and earned $6,100. Incredible.


via Collider

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