‘Mr. Mercedes’ Series Moves To Peacock!!

The crime drama Mr. Mercedes from horror author Stephen King has found its new home on NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. The series, based on King’s trilogy of novels, tells the story of Bill Hodges, a retired detective still haunted by an unsolved case. The show has been highly acclaimed, with its most recent season described as the best season yet.

However, the future of Mr. Mercedes came into question when its previous network, AT&T’s Audience Network, shut down. At the time, AT&T was beginning the process of consolidating its various properties under the WarnerMedia umbrella (WarnerMedia recently did a similar thing when it shut down DC Universe and moved their DC shows to HBO Max). While this was a good move for WarnerMedia, it meant that shows like Mr. Mercedes were left without a real home.

Now, the fate of Mr. Mercedes has finally been decided, Variety reports. All three seasons of the show will stream exclusively on Peacock starting this year. The first two seasons will be available starting October 15th of this year, but a release date for Season 3 has not yet been determined. Of course, if you can’t wait that long to re-watch, there are other places you can find the show before it goes to streaming for good. Peacock has not given the word about whether the fourth season of the show is in the works.

While fans of Mr. Mercedes may view this acquisition as Peacock “rescuing” their favorite show, the reality is that Peacock is just making moves to compete in the ever-growing streaming industry. With the premium shows owned by the likes of HBO Max, Netflix, and even Disney+, the up-and-coming Peacock has to prove to consumers that they have just as much to offer as all the other streamers. The platform appears to be still figuring out what it wants from its original content, and in the meantime, already popular shows like Mr. Mercedes can help boost the platform’s status.

Of course, the primary concern for fans is whether this jump between platforms will affect the show’s story in any way. A network change can mean drastic things for a show already in production, so if new episodes are in the works, they may have an entirely different tone. That said, Peacock has not announced development on a new season, so it’s unclear whether the show will come back or if Mr. Mercedes has wrapped for good.


via Screen Rant

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