‘Spider-Man 3’ Set to Start Filming!!

There aren’t many films the world at large is more excited for than Spider-Man 3 (that’s the upcoming 2021 Spider-Man 3, not the 2007 Sam RaimiTobey Maguire emo dancing Spider-Man 3; though I would be excited if that got a big-screen re-release). It’s another chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga, it’s the third installment of a particularly adored sub-trilogy, it gives Tom Holland more possibilities to go viral with accidental spoilers. Plus, with every new morsel of information we get — such as Benedict Cumberbatch showing up as Doctor Strange to mentor Peter Parker — we go gaga. All of this is why we’re particularly excited to report that Spider-Man 3 just might have started filming  in Queens, New York — and it might have quite the bonkers working title to boot.

According to our sources, a filming listing posted in NYC, and some particularly snoopy Twitter posts (which we’ll leave for your Spidey senses to find yourself), Spider-Man 3 has set up base camps and is getting ready to started filming something in Queens. No one seems to have spotted, or snapped pics of, Holland, Cumberbatch, Zendaya, a big blue Jamie Foxx, or any other cast members that might indicate principal photography have been seen. This likely means — and Holland’s packed shooting schedule seeing him move from the Uncharted video game adaptation right to Spider-Man 3 adds to this theory — the Queens production team is collecting plate photography, or blank pieces of footage that can be manipulated and compiled by visual effects teams later (Exhibit U: Holland’s Instagram showing him filming Uncharted just six days ago).

We’ll keep you updated once we know more about filming on Spider-Man 3.


via Collider

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