‘Black Monday’: Showtime Confirms Season 3!!

Showtime has renewed Black Monday for season 3. Black Monday follows the employees of the second rank trading firm, the Jammer Group, as they grapple with the worst stock market crash in Wall Street history. The series stars Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall, and Paul Scheer. The dark period comedy series first aired its season 2 on Showtime in March 2020. The show was slightly affected by Covid-19 in April, but in late June, the show resumed regular telecast before broadcasting a proper finale in July.

As per Deadline, Showtime has renewed Black Monday for season 3. The new season will consist of ten episodes, and it will begin filming early next year. Deadline has also confirmed that Showtime is eyeing a late 2021 release date for Black Monday season 3.

Black Monday is lucky to have landed another season at Showtime, as the premium cabler was forced to revoke the renewal of one of its most popular comedy series, On Becoming a God in Central Florida due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But now that the show is getting another iteration, it will navigate through the stock market downturns of the ’90s when fashion and music took the entire economy by storm. Season 3 might also look at Dawn on a new path after she took the blame for the stock market collapse in season 2; meanwhile also focusing on Mo’s newly minted empire, The MoCo.


via Screen Rant

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