‘Legally Blonde 3’ Set for May 2022 Release!!

I believe it well within my jurisdiction and interpretation of the law to deem Legally Blonde a perfect movie. The 2001 comedy about a bright and bubbly Harvard law student who shows the courtroom what’s what while making it fashion boasted a sharp, tight screenplay, a star-making performance from Reese Witherspoon, and too many iconic scenes to mention (though anything with Jennifer Coolidge is a good start). The film spawned a not-so-great 2003 sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, a very not-so-great DTV spinoff called Legally Blondes, and a very good 2007 broadway musical called, simply, Legally Blonde: The Musical. We’ve known a third, official installment is coming for some time, but now we know exactly when. Per VarietyLegally Blonde 3 will hit theaters May 20, 2022 — the perfect amount of time to get my opening night lewk squared away.

Witherspoon will return as the starring role and will produce the film through her Hello Sunshine production company, alongside returning producer Marc Platt. While no director nor other returning cast members have been announced (although Luke Wilson has told us he’s ready for the call), we know that TV comedy writers extraordinaire Dan Goor and Mindy Kaling will be writing the script together. And I, simply, cannot think of a better team to tackle the latest entry in this franchise. Goor’s work on shows like Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is second-to-none, and Kaling simply is “if Elle Woods was also a very good comedy writer.” If these two are given ample freedom to play in this world, Witherspoon is more than down to revisit and play with this role, and an excellent director is found (maybe Kaling or Goor?), Legally Blonde 3 is gonna be my favorite movie of 2022. Ugh, I have to wait that long?!

Legally Blonde 3 hits theaters May 20, 2022.


via Collider

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