Disney+ Reveals Modernized Trailers of Beloved Classics!! Check It Out!!

Disney+ just launched its official YouTube channel and there is already chock full of great, ongoing content, including What’s Up, Disney+, a weekly talk show devoted to all things Disney+; Disney+ Deets, which tells humorous, behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite Disney movies and series (there’s an episode up right now that dives deep into The Nightmare Before Christmas); and our favorite feature, which we are so excited to exclusively debut today, Unofficial Official Trailers. These are basically new trailers, using footage from your favorite classic films and series, recut with a fresh vibe and a new, modern attitude. We are beyond thrilled to bring you the first seven (!) of these revamped trailers, which highlight The Shaggy D.A. (Dean Jones has never seemed more heroic), the classic animated X-Men series, The Black Hole, The Love Bug, The Cat from Outer Space (“He fell to earth, but landed on his feet”), early Kurt Russell classic The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, and Escape to Witch Mountain, which we recently included in our round-up of the scariest Disney movies ever made. You can watch them all below.

My favorite of the new trailers is probably The Black Hole, which modernizes the tone of the movie without sacrificing any of the mood or atmosphere. And it was clearly made with love and reverence; the original title treatment appears at the end of the trailer and you even hear notes of John Barry’s iconic score. If you’ve never seen The Black Hole (or any of these movies and series, really), you’ll be clamoring to once the trailer is done. And to be sure to subscribe to the Disney+ YouTube channel, which will allow you to go deeper into your favorite movies and series from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and more on a regular basis. If you love Disney+, you’ll love this new YouTube channel.


via Collider

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